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DOEE - Agency Offices and Divisions

DOEE is organized into, and carries out its mission through, the following administrative divisions:

Operations Services Administration

  • Support Services Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Grants Management Division

Energy Administration

  • Policy & Compliance Division
  • Data & Benchmarking Division

Environmental Services Administration

  • Toxic Substances Division
  • Air Quality Division
  • Lead-Safe and Healthy Homes Division
  • Rail Safety and Emergency Response Division

Natural Resources Administration

  • Fisheries and Wildlife Division
  • Inspection and Enforcement Division
  • Regulatory Review Division
  • Watershed Protection Division
  • Water Quality Division

Urban Sustainability Administration

  • Green Building and Climate Branch
  • Sustainability and Equity Branch

Utility Affordability Administration

  • Residential Services Division
  • Utility Assistance Division

Who We Are - Mission & Vision

Who We are - Mission & Vision - Language Support: