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Voluntary Lead Activity Notification Form

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The voluntary lead activity notification form is for property owners or construction contractors to submit basic information about a renovation or repair project in a dwelling constructed prior to 1978 to determine if a lead renovation or lead abatement permit will be required.

- Lead Activity Notification Form

To process your voluntary lead activity notification form faster, review the flyer and include the following documents within your DCRA Building Permit project submittal and the notification form:

  • Any additional pertinent information about the project.
    - Such as square footage of the disturbed paint.
    - Upload the scope of work describing the activities.
    - Upload photos of the project area(s), including specific photos of the components to be disturbed during the activity.
    -Describe if the property is currently occupied, unoccupied, or registered vacant.
    -Any documents you may have of any lead inspection reports for the property
  • If the information shows a requirement to adhere to District lead laws, DOEE may also require submission of the following additional items:
    - EPA- or DOEE-accredited training certifications for lead-related activities.
    - Current DOEE certifications for the project’s lead abatement supervisor.
    - Current DOEE certification for the project’s lead abatement workers.
    - Current EPA renovation firm certification.
    - Current DOEE business entity certification.
    - Any lead-related surveys, reports, and enforcement actions, including notices and/or orders.

For more information, contact Terrence Henry, Jr. by phone at (202) 654-6003 or by email at [email protected].