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Cold Emergency Activated: Additional services and supports are available for residents experiencing homelessness.
If you see someone in need of shelter, call 311 or (202) 399-7093.
If someone is in immediate danger, call 911.

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Air Quality Division Contacts

For general information about the Air Quality Division, contact William Bolden at (202) 535-2250.

  • Air Monitoring Network or air quality data- Rama Tangirala, Branch Chief, at (202) 535-2989, or Robert Day at (202) 535-2258.
  • Asbestos Program- Kelly Crawford, Branch Chief, at (202) 724-7650.
  • Complaints about harmful levels of smoke, odor, dust, or other potential outdoor air quality violation- Kelly Crawford at (202) 724-7650.
  • Emissions Inventory or general planning inquiries- Jessica Daniels at (202) 741-0862.
  • Permitting- Stephen Ours, Branch Chief, at (202) 535-1747.
  • Radon and other indoor air quality inquiries (except mold)- Keith Keemer at (202) 535-2999.
  • Small Business Assistance Program- Olivia Achuko at (202) 535-2997.
  • Vehicle I/M Program inquiries- Rama Tangirala, Branch Chief, at (202) 535-2989, or Charles Williams at (202) 535-2988.

    Air Quality Division's Associate Director- Cecily Beall at (202) 535-2250.


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