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District Sustainability Awards

SDC AWARDS-LOGO 2019.png“Sustainability is about balancing the environmental, economic, and social needs if the District of Columbia today as well as the needs of the next generation, and the one after that.”

- Mayor Bowser

About the District's Sustainability Awards

The annual District Sustainability Awards program recognizes outstanding individuals, businesses, and organizations for understanding and responding to current environmental challenges and social disparities in DC to intentionally build and support equitable, environmental, social, and economic initiatives.

Examples of Environmentally Sustainable Operations or Activities:

  • Install new equipment or develop new incentives to encourage behavior that improves energy and water efficiency in your building.
  • Start a comprehensive waste management program which includes recycling, composting, waste reduction, and/or donation.
  • Install solar panels, a green roof, rain gardens, or porous pavement at your building or as a part of your offered services.

If you are considering applying for an award base on environmental impact, we recommend that you provide available data (e.g., energy consumption, water usage, recycling, and waste reduction) for your building or office space.

Examples of Socially and Economically Sustainable Operations or Activities:

  • Hire people of color who represent marginalized communities or increasing the economic and social empowerment of your employees.
  • Provide funding to community organizations based in marginalized communities.
  • Create methods of decision-making that include diverse community members affected by your business, in ways that distribute power.
  • Tackle root problems by engaging directly-affected communities to find solutions, organize against oppression, and create mechanisms for change.

This is not a writing contest. If you need assistance submitting your application, please contact the Department of Energy & Environment’s Urban Sustainability Administration at (202) 535-1939.

- Application form comming soon

The deadline is Friday, February 14, 2020.

- Photos and Winning Case Studies for the 2019 Sustainability Awards Winners

- Winning Case Studies for the 2018 Sustainability Awards Winners

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