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GAR Training Seminars

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DOEE recorded one of its live GAR webinars in September 2020 and formatted it into 4 separate videos which may be viewed at any time. The GAR training summarizes and clarifies GAR applicability and requirements. It is intended to supplement the GAR Regulation and Guidebook, not replace the information provided.

GAR Training Video Part I: Introduction to GAR (length - 16:41)

GAR Training Video Part II: GAR Applicability (length - 33:10)

GAR Training Video Part III: Plan Development, Permitting Process, and Construction (length - 59:02)

GAR Training Video Part IV: Landscape Elements and Submission Requirements (length - 01:44:45)

PDF of the presentation slides is also available.

Training: Best Plan Submission Practices

These trainings will provide users with best practices for creating and submitting SWM, ESC, and GAR plans for a smooth plan review process. Participants will learn what information plan reviewers check, understand common errors and how to avoid them, and see examples of good plan submissions.

Green Area Ratio (GAR) – Best Plan Submission Practices

      - GAR Plan Review and Score Sheet    (length - 20:07)

Additional relevant DOEE training sessions may be found at Training Sessions on Stormwater Management Rule and Guidebook.