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Solar for All

Solar for All aims to bring the benefits of solar energy to 100,000 low to moderate income families in the District of Columbia. The DC Department of Energy and Environment is partnering with organizations across the District to install solar on single family homes and develop community solar projects to benefit renters and residents in multi-family buildings. All Solar for All participants should expect to see a 50% savings on their electricity bill over 15 years and can be proud to have gone solar!  In order to be eligible, residents must meet the income guidelines below.

Options for Single Family Homeowners

Two Solar for All grantees are currently installing Solar for All projects for single family homeowners. Solar United Neighbors of DC and GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic.

Solar United Neighbors of DC launched the 51st State Solar Co-op, which brings DC residents together to provide more affordable solar through bulk purchasing. Homeowners will own the solar panels, receive credit for all electricity produced, and starting five years after the installation, will receive additional income from revenue generated by their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). For income-qualified residents, Solar United Neighbors will pay for the full installation of panels.

How to apply: Contact Yesenia Rivera, DC Program Director at [email protected] or by phone at (240) 523-3948.

Grid Alternatives Mid-Atlantic provides solar installations to income-qualified single-family homeowners through Solar Works DC, the District’s solar installation and job training program. In addition to preparing residents to enter careers in solar and related industries, Solar Works DC reduces energy costs for low- and moderate-income homeowners by installing solar systems on their homes. Homeowners will lease their solar systems at no cost to them and will receive at least 50% credit for all electricity produced by the panels.

How to apply: Contact Jacqueline Treiger, Senior Outreach Coordinator by phone at (202) 517-8858 or by email at [email protected].


Washington DC residents can participate in Solar for All single family solar or community solar options if the household income is below 80% of the area median income (AMI) threshold, as listed below

Persons in household









Income threshold









Household income amounts listed in the eligibility table are effective as of 10/1/18, but may change.
Please visit the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development website for the most up-to-date numbers.

Community Solar

Community solar provides the benefits of solar to residents who can’t install systems on their home, including renters and homeowners whose rooftops are shaded or need repairs. A community solar project is not located on the home, but offsite, and the benefiting household receives a credit on their Pepco electricity bill each month.
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How can I participate in Solar for All’s community solar projects?

Several organizations are a part of the DOEE Solar for All community solar initiative. Two programs currently have open applications. District residents interested in participating should reach out to those organizations directly using the contact information provided below.

Additionally, in late 2019, DOEE plans to open enrollment for select income-eligible District residents to benefit from new community solar projects.

Solar for All Community Solar projects currently open for enrollment

Groundswell is installing solar on houses of worship including at the DuPont Park Seventh Day Adventist Church in Ward 7. Up to 350 income eligible households will receive energy credit subscriptions at no cost. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Neighborhood Solar Equity is installing solar on a local university and plans to provide benefits to income-eligible households in the District. For more information, contact [email protected].

In addition, several other organizations are pursuing Solar for All community solar projects. Those solar projects are either fully subscribed, or not yet open for enrollment. See logos of all authorized Solar for All vendors below.

Authorized Solar For All Vendors

To verify whether a solar developer / contractor is operating a DOEE Solar for All program, please email [email protected] or call 311.

Additional Information

Contact Us

For more information about Solar for All, contact Mike Matthews at (202) 536-7666 or [email protected].

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