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Green Fellows Leadership and Development Program

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DOEE is the leading authority on energy and environmental issues affecting the District of Columbia. Using a combination of regulations, outreach, education, and incentives, our agency administers programs and services to fulfill our mission. We work collaboratively with other government agencies, residents, businesses, and institutions to promote environmentally responsible behavior that will lead to a more sustainable urban environment.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents and natural inhabitants of the nation’s capital by protecting and restoring the environment, conserving our natural resources, mitigating pollution, increasing access to clean and renewable energy, and educating the public on ways to secure a sustainable future. The agency’s core responsibilities include, but are not limited to, enforcing environmental regulations; monitoring and assessing environmental risks; developing energy and environmental policies; issuing permits; and providing residents and local businesses with funding, technical assistance, and information on initiatives designed to ensure a more resilient and sustainable city. We perform all agency mission activities with the highest integrity to uphold the public trust. More about DOEE.

In Fall 2015, DOEE launched the Green Fellows Leadership and Development Program in the fields of energy and environment. This Fellowship is a competitive paid opportunity designed for graduate-level students who are currently enrolled in a Master's degree study program. Candidates must be either DC residents enrolled in a Master's-degree program OR a student at a local area college or university enrolled in a Master's-degree program (District residency is preferred, but not required). The Program is both a career exploration and pipeline program for students interested in job placement at DOEE, however, placement opportunities are not guaranteed. DOEE offers a flexible Fellowship and Fellows may work up to 36 hours per week/72 hours per pay period. Fellows are recruited at a Grade 7/ Step 1 and participation in the Program is considered a temporary “time-limited” appointment in the Career Service position. Read more about DOEE' s Agency Offices and Divisions. Fellowship opportunities may be available in DOEE's six administrations.

DOEE encourages applicants pursuing studies across the various environmental and green economy fields to apply. These include, but are not limited to fields such as: geography, energy, environmental studies and sciences, urban sustainability, public policy, sustainability, water resources management, natural resources management, wildlife management, energy, urban agriculture, climate studies and sciences, data analytics, engineering, public administration, urban planning, and other related fields. Green Fellows are responsible for research, program and policy development, act as project management leads on high-profile agency projects and perform a variety of assignments designed specifically to enhance their public service values, environmental knowledge, critical leadership skills, and project management abilities. Fellows will have several opportunities to come together with their cohort to participate in cross-disciplinary and professional development trainings, collaborative group projects, field work, volunteerism, field trips, and other value-added opportunities. Fellows are connected to a program area which matches their unique skill set, background, expertise and interests.

Program Requirements

  • Candidates must be either:
    • a) A District resident enrolled into a Master’s-degree program, or
    • b) Enrolled into a local area college or university’s Master’s-degree program (District residency is preferred, but not required)
  • Be able to commit to a fellowship period not to exceed September 30th
  • Complete a 2-day orientation (1 day with DCHR; 1 day with DOEE)
  • Attend training, networking and professional and development opportunities
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities and support DOEE flagship events
  • Work with the cohort on a collaborative project which will result in a final presentation
  • Attend DOEE technical educational classroom sessions and Leadership Speakers Series
  • Successful performance reviews (mid-year and end-of-year)

Inquiries may be sent to the Program Coordinator, Laura Miller, at [email protected]. Applications for Green Fellows open in the Fall. Green Fellows will officially start their Fellowship in early January 2024. Join us on twitter and facebook for updates.

Green Fellows Experiential Learning and Team Building Field Trips

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