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Green Zone Environmental Program GZEP

Green Pathways - Summer

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Are you a high school senior, college student, recent graduate, or young adult interested in a short-term or summer job working with youth and the environment?

If so, you can apply to be a Team Leader, Site Manager, Ward Manager, Warehouse/Project Manager, Payroll & Project Assistant, Program Assistant, or Field Manager for DOEE’s Green Zone Environmental Program (GZEP).GZEP hard hat

Every summer, GZEP partners with the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program to provide over 300 youth and young adults, ages 14 to 24, with an opportunity to learn about energy and environmental issues, complete community-based environmental work projects such as rain gardens and storm drain markers, and prepare for careers.  Being a GZEP staff member is a great opportunity to work with District youth and gain valuable leadership experience.

Read about the positions below and use the links to apply now or learn more.

GZEP Program Structure

  • Education & Career Building: Through classroom and on-site instruction, GZEP participants are given the opportunity to learn from the District’s leading experts in the fields of energy and the environment. In addition to learning about a range of subjects from climate change to renewable energy, local nonprofits also provide participants with training on basic job skills and resume writing.
  • Environmental & Community Work Projects: Three days per week, GZEP is out in the field working on a variety of environmental and community projects. Projects from past years include building and maintaining urban farms, removal of invasive plants, tree planting and maintenance, neighborhood beautification, construction of rain gardens, and landscaping services for senior citizens.
  • GZEP Partners: Each year, GZEP partners with local organizations to provide meaningful training, projects, and career preparation. Past partners have included the Anacostia Watershed Society, Casey Trees, the Earth Conservation Corps, and the Student Conservation Association.

Solar Works DC, in partnership with GZEP

DOEE and the Department of Employment Services (DOES) partner to offer Solar Works DC, the District’s low-income single-family solar installation and job training program, as part of the DOEE Solar for All initiative. Solar Works DC operates cohorts year round, and the summer cohort recruits solely from the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) /GZEP pool of participants. To participate in Solar Works DC, applicants must be 18-24 years in age, District residents, and enrolled in MBSYEP.  Applicants should have an interest in renewable energy and solar, infrastructure,  construction or similar fields. Training takes place both in a classroom environment and in the field.

This training program aims to train and prepare District residents to enter careers in solar and related industries. In addition, Solar Works DC will increase solar capacity in the District and reduce energy costs for qualified low-income District homeowners by installing solar systems on their homes. GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic currently implements the program, and the program is located within the DC Infrastructure Academy in ward 8. The program intends to train at least 150 District residents each performance period, and completes live solar system installs on up to 45 income-qualified households. The program launched in summer 2017 and is the premiere solar training program for the District. 

The Solar Works DC summer cohort will receive a completion certificate, and certifications in OSHA 10 and CPR/First Aid.  As a result of the program and commitment of program participants, Solar Works DC, has increased solar capacity in the District (homeowners have seen a reduction of 50%-90% reduction in their electric bills making great impact and savings, up to $600 in annual savings), and placed countless program graduates in entry-level jobs in the solar and related fields.  Solar Works DC also offers full-time case management, critical support services, and work readiness/ remedial training to optimize outcomes for all program participants. To learn more, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Read more about Solar Works DC and Solar for All.

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