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eCYCLE DC: Manufacturers

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Manufacturers that sell covered electronic equipment (CEE) in the District are required to register with DOEE, pay a registration fee, submit a collection and recycling plan, and annually report on collection and recycling activities.

Legislative Update
CHANGE TO CERTICATION REQUIREMENTS: The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2021 (B24-373), which applies as of October 1, 2021, amends the eCYCLE law to require manufacturers to certify in their registration applications for calendar year 2022 that vendors who recycle or reuse CEE collected under the manufacturer’s waste management program have e-Stewards certification.

This reference will be updated once the FY2022 Budget Support Act (also containing this amendment) is submitted to the Mayor and undergoes Congressional Review.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Law and Regulations

   - Statute      - Regulations      - Information Session on 2020 regulatory amendments

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Manufacturer Guide and Factsheets

The following resources are intended to assist manufacturers in understanding their registration and collection requirements.

Calendar Year 2022 Registration Fees
*Annually adjusted for inflation using the Urban Consumer Price Index (CPI-U).

Manufacturer Type Fee
De Minimis (sold <100 CEE units) No fee
Individual (sold 100–249 CEE units) $759.00
Individual (sold ≥250 CEE units) $2,681.80

$708.40 (for partnership participants that sold 100–249 CEE units)

$2,479.40 (for partnership participants that sold ≥250 CEE units)

Representative Organization $15,180.00 for one manufacturer &
$2,226.40 for each additional manufacturer

*Fees are based on CEE sold in calendar year 2020

Calendar Year 2022 Registration Options

Manufacturers are required to register with DOEE by December 31, 2021. However, we strongly recommend that you submit your registration application by October 7, 2021. Please note that manufacturer registrations must be approved by DOEE to be in compliance at the beginning of the calendar year on January 1, 2022.

De Minimis Worksheet

Manufacturers that sold fewer than 100 units of CEE in the District in calendar year 2020 must complete the De Minimis Worksheet.

De Minimis manufacturers do not need to complete a full registration form or pay a registration fee.

Registration Forms

Manufacturers that sold 100 units or more of CEE in the District in calendar year 2020 have three registration options:

  • Individual
  • Partnership
  • Representative Organization
  1. Individual Manufacturers

Manufacturers that register as an Individual Manufacturer have a collection requirement (“minimum collection share”) that is a percentage of the average of 2018, 2019, & 2020 sales of CEE in DC.

  1. Partnerships

Each partnership, as a collective, is responsible for meeting the sum of the minimum collection share of each individual manufacturer in the partnership. A partnership is required to complete one Part 1 form (available below) or submit the same information online at ecycleregistration.org. Each manufacturer in a partnership is required to complete a separate Part 2 form (available below) or submit the same information online at ecycleregistration.org.

  1. Representative Organizations

    A Representative Organization has a convenience requirement, instead of a collection requirement. This means Representative Organizations are responsible for establishing a convenient and equitable collection system for CEE, with at least one permanent publicly accessible collection site in each of the District’s eight wards. If no feasible permanent location exists in a ward, the representative organizations must hold quarterly collection events (for a minimum of four hours).

Each Representative Organization should complete one Part 1 Form (Representative Organization information) and each manufacturer in a Representative Organization should complete one Part 2 Form (manufacturer information). Forms filled out in Word should be submitted together. Forms are also available at ecycleregistration.org.


DOEE will first assist manufacturers and retailers with achieving compliance through outreach and education. After the period of compliance assistance has ended, DOEE may issue fines to those who do not comply with the law.

Visit the eCYCLE DC Resource page for a complete list of resources and documents for the eCYCLE DC program.

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