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Who Generates Hazardous Waste

If you are generating, accumulating or shipping any hazardous waste, you must register as a generator with DDOE and obtain an EPA ID Number.

Typical Businesses That May Generate Hazardous Waste

Business Sources & Types of Waste
Renovation &
Wastes created by: Painting, carpentry, demolition, vehicle and equipment maintenance. Wastes include: Solvent waste, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, mercury switches, acids/bases, used oil, lead paint removal waste, ignitable waste.
Wastes created by: Routine maintenance. Wastes include: Fluorescent light bulbs, used oil, waste oil-based paint, solvents, batteries.
Grocery Stores
Wastes created by: Damaged, returned, or expired goods. Wastes include: Expired or unusable nicotine patches, and waste over the counter (OTC)
products such as nail polish and rubbing alcohol. (See also pharmacy and property management sections.)
Repair & Body
Wastes created by: Degreasing, rust removal, parts washers, paint preparation, spray guns, tank cleanout, vehicle servicing, vehicle recycling.
Wastes include: Solvent waste, paints, paint thinners, ignitable waste, batteries, lead wheel weights, mercury switches. (See also property management section.)
Dry Cleaning &
Wastes created by: Dry cleaning. Wastes include:Spent filter cartridges, solvents, residues from cleaning units, fluorescent light bulbs. (See also property management section.)
Wastes created by: Plate preparation, screen printing, photo processing, printing, cleanup. Wastes include: Waste solvents, inks, developer waste, acids/bases, heavy metals. (See also property management section.)
Photo Finishing
Wastes created by: Photo processing. Wastes include: Developer waste, solvents, acids/bases, silver. (See also property management section.)
Pesticide Users
Wastes created by: Pesticide application and cleanup.
Wastes include: Unused pesticides, contaminated containers.
Wastes created by: Metal/woodworking, waste from student lab experiments, waste from research labs, automobile servicing, photo processing, routine maintenance. Wastes include: Acids/bases, paint wastes, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, solvents, ignitable waste.
(See also property management and vehicle maintenance sections.)
Hospitals, Clinics,
Dental Offices,
Pharmacies &
Drug Stores
Wastes created by: Medical care, x-ray developing, waste or expired medication, damaged or expired goods, routine maintenance.
Wastes include: Waste or expired prescription medication, waste amalgam, expired or unusable nicotine patches, x-ray development waste, fluorescent bulbs, solvents. Expired or unusable OTC products such as nail polish and rubbing alcohol. (See also photo finishing and property management sections.)