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Who Generates Hazardous Waste?

If you are generating, accumulating, or shipping any hazardous waste, universal waste, or used motor oil you must register as a generator with the DOEE Hazardous Waste Branch and obtain an EPA ID number. Click here for more information.

Below are examples of common businesses that may generate hazardous waste, universal waste, or used oil.  This is not a complete list. 


Sources & Types of Waste

Renovation &

Wastes created by: Painting, carpentry, demolition, vehicle and equipment maintenance. Wastes include: Solvent waste, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, mercury switches, acids/bases, used oil, lead paint removal waste, ignitable waste.


Wastes created by: Routine maintenance. Wastes include: Fluorescent light bulbs, used oil, waste oil-based paint, solvents, batteries.

Grocery Stores

Wastes created by: Damaged, returned, or expired goods. Wastes include: Expired or unusable nicotine patches, and waste over the counter (OTC) products such as nail polish and rubbing alcohol. (See also pharmacy and property management sections.)

Repair & Body

Wastes created by: Degreasing, rust removal, parts washers, paint preparation, spray guns, tank cleanout, vehicle servicing, vehicle recycling.  Wastes include: Solvent waste, paints, paint thinners, ignitable waste, batteries, lead wheel weights, mercury switches. (See also property management section.)

Dry Cleaning &

Wastes created by: Dry cleaning. Wastes include: Spent filter cartridges, solvents, residues from cleaning units, fluorescent light bulbs. (See also property management section.)


Wastes created by: Plate preparation, screen printing, photo processing, printing, cleanup. Wastes include: Waste solvents, inks, developer waste, acids/bases, heavy metals. (See also property management section.)

Photo Finishing

Wastes created by: Photo processing. Wastes include: Developer waste, solvents, acids/bases, silver. (See also property management section.)

Pesticide Users

Wastes created by: Pesticide application and cleanup.

Wastes include: Unused pesticides, contaminated containers.


Wastes created by: Metal/woodworking, waste from student lab experiments, waste from research labs, automobile servicing, photo processing, routine maintenance. Wastes include: Acids/bases, paint wastes, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, solvents, ignitable waste.  (See also property management and vehicle maintenance sections.)

Hospitals, Clinics,
Dental Offices,
Pharmacies &
Drug Stores

Wastes created by: Medical care, x-ray developing, waste or expired medication, damaged or expired goods, routine maintenance.  Wastes include: Waste or expired prescription medication, waste amalgam, expired or unusable nicotine patches, x-ray development waste, fluorescent bulbs, solvents. Expired or unusable OTC products such as nail polish and rubbing alcohol. (See also photo finishing and property management sections.)