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Register as a Hazardous Waste Generator

New generators of hazardous waste, handlers of universal waste, and generators of used oil must obtain an EPA Identification Number (EPA ID #) with the DOEE BEFORE they start generating waste.  A completed EPA ID number registration form (Form 8700-12) and a registration fee are required under District regulations.  DOEE charges a fee for obtaining and keeping an EPA ID Number, pursuant to Section 4390 of the Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (20 DCMR 4390).

Fee Schedule:

  • Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG) (less than 8 employees): $100
  • Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG) (8 or more employees): $250
  • Small Quantity Generators (SQG): $500
  • Large Quantity Generators (LQG): $1,000
  • Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF): $10,000
  • Provisional (short term/temp) EPA ID Number (30 days): $100

The EPA ID number registration form (Form 8700-12) can be submitted electronically by creating an industry user account at  Once the submission has been received, you will be contacted regarding payment of your fee. 

Payment Information

  1. Credit Card Payment (Requires EPA ID number)
  2. Check or Money Order:
  • Make payable to the District of Columbia Treasurer and mail to:

Department of Energy and Environment
Hazardous Waste Branch
1200 First Street, NE, 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Attn: Mary Reeves

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact:

Mary Reeves, Compliance Specialist
[email protected] | 202-671-3308

Contact TTY: