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Adherence to the District’s Lead Law

Property Managers and Owners should be aware of the District’s Lead Law.

District Required Forms
The District’s Lead Law requires the issuance of several DOEE forms for pre-1978 properties.

Need help adhering to documents issued by DOEE?
DOEE issues letters, Notices, Orders and other official documents to owners.

Need help hiring a DC certified contractor? 
A DC Certified contractor is required for most projects disturbing lead-based paint on pre-1978 residential, child development facilities and other buildings.

Need a permit?
A lead abatement or renovation permit may be required under the District’s Lead Law.

Get familiar with the lead-safe work practice requirements
The District’s Lead Law requires individuals, businesses, and owners to use lead-safe work practices to help prevent lead-based paint/hazard exposure.

Get familiar with the DC individual and business entity certification requirements
The District’s Lead Law requires individuals and businesses to be trained in lead-safe work practices and in most projects, certified by DOEE.

Get educated with District agencies
Become familiar with applicable District agency requirements.

Here are some,

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