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Construction and Maintenance Branch

The Construction and Maintenance Branch (CMB) is part of DOEE’s Inspection and Enforcement Division. CMB helps protect the water quality and aquatic resources in the Potomac and Anacostia watersheds by inspecting sites that undergo land-disturbing activities to enforce regulations outlined in Chapter 5 of Title 21, District of Columbia Municipal Regulations.

CMB’s specific functions are to:

  1. Inspect construction sites for soil erosion and drainage problems.
  2. Inspect stormwater management facilities after installation and review/approve the “As-Built” plans to ensure they comply with design standards and specifications.
  3. Respond to residents’ complaints for soil erosion and water drainage and recommend appropriate solutions.
  4. Inspect the maintenance of stormwater management facilities to ensure they function properly.
  5. Perform inspections for recommendation to participate in the RiverSmart Rewards and Stormwater Retention Credits (SRC) Programs and for compliance with requirements of SRC issuance and re-certification.
  6. Inspect construction sites to ensure compliance with approved Green Area Ratio Plan landscape elements, and completion of Landscape Expert Checklist for office of Zoning.
  7. Implement a Self-Inspection Self-Reporting Pilot Program for BMP maintenance.

Service Contact:

Walter Caldwell, Chief, Construction and Maintenance Branch
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (202) 497-8238

Service Contact: 
Walter Caldwell, Branch Chief, Inspection and Enforcement Branch
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
(202) 497-8238
Contact TTY: