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eCYCLE DC: Manufacturers

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A manufacturer that sells, offers for sale, or delivers to a retailer for subsequent sale new covered electronic equipment (CEE) in the District is required to (1) label its CEE with a readily visible brand identifying the manufacturer and (2) register with the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), unless the manufacturer qualifies for an exemption. Registration includes a payment of a fee, a collection and recycling plan, and a report on past collection and recycling activities.

New for the 2023 program year:

  • The registration and de minimis forms contain new questions and important clarifications to better align with the eCYCLE DC law and regulations. Please read the forms carefully before completing them.
  • The month of the Urban Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) used to calculate inflation adjustments for fees was changed through regulations from October to June, to allow for an earlier start to the registration period.
  • If an application item is missing or deficient, DOEE will disapprove the application and notify the applicant of the corrections needed. The manufacturer, partnership, or representative organization will need to revise and resubmit the application for DOEE approval.
  • DOEE may take enforcement action against manufacturers selling unregistered equipment after January 1, 2023. Note that registration includes payment of fees.
  • NEW as of 12/16/2022: An online payment option is now available. Details are posted below the “Calendar Year 2023 Registration Fees” chart on this webpage.

Certification change still in effect for the 2023 program year:

Starting with the 2022 program year (calendar year 2022), the DC Council amended the eCYCLE DC law to require manufacturers to certify in their registration applications that vendors who recycle or reuse CEE collected under the manufacturer’s waste management program have e-Stewards certification. This change was made through the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Support Act.

- Find e-Stewards certified recyclers

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Virtual Information Session for 2023 Registration Period

DOEE hosted a virtual info session on WebEx to discuss updates for the 2023 registration period on September 7, 2022. If you missed it: view the slides and recording

Law and Regulations

Temporary legislation amending the District’s electronic stewardship law became effective on December 21, 2022. These amendments provide important clarifications, technical corrections, and other changes that will help the program run more smoothly. Permanent legislation to amend the electronic stewardship law has been signed by the Mayor and is undergoing congressional review.

- Statute    
- Regulations
- Information Session on 2020 regulatory amendments

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Manufacturer Guide and Factsheets for the 2023 Program Year

The following resources are intended to assist manufacturers in understanding their registration and collection requirements.

Calendar Year 2023 Registration Fees
Annually adjusted for inflation using the Urban Consumer Price Index (CPI-U).

Manufacturer Type Fee
De Minimis (sold <100 CEE units*) No fee
Individual (sold 100–249 CEE units) $828.07
Individual (sold ≥250 CEE units) $2,925.84

$772.86 (for partnership participants that sold 100–249 CEE units)

$2,705.03 (for partnership participants that sold ≥250 CEE units)

Representative Organization $16,561.38 for one manufacturer &
$2,429.00 for each additional manufacturer

*Fees are based on CEE sold in calendar year 2021

Shortfall fees were also adjusted for inflation. See the Shortfall Fee fact sheet above for the revised fees and calculation instructions.

How to pay fees:

  • To pay online: NEW as of 12/16/2022 Manufacturers are now able to pay registration and/or shortfall fees online either via credit card (including a transaction fee) or ACH/eCheck (no fee). Email [email protected] to request a link to start the payment process. The process involves two steps: 1. Calculating or entering the payment amount and entering contact information, and 2. Submitting payment information.
  • To pay by check, please follow the directions below (and ensure your payment systems are updated with this information):
    PAYABLE TO: DC Treasurer
    MAIL TO:        DOEE, Urban Sustainability Administration, eCYCLE DC
                           1200 1st Street NE, 5th Floor
                           Washington, DC 20002

Calendar Year 2023 Registration Options

Under the law, a manufacturer’s registration application was due by December 31, 2022. DOEE strongly recommended submitting registration applications by October 7, 2022 to provide time for review, as well as correction and resubmittal if necessary. DOEE will disapprove deficient or incomplete applications. As sale of unregistered CEE is prohibited, an application must have been approved by DOEE by January 1, 2023 for a manufacturer to be in compliance at the beginning of the new program year. A manufacturer selling unregistered CEE after January 1 may be subject to enforcement action.

De Minimis Worksheet

Manufacturers that sold fewer than 100 units of CEE in the District in calendar year 2021 must complete the de minimis worksheet.

De Minimis manufacturers do not need to complete a full registration form or pay a registration fee.

Registration Forms

There are three registration options for manufacturers that sold 100 or more units of new CEE in the District in calendar year 2021, and plan to sell new CEE at any point during 2023:

  • Individual
  • Partnership
  • Representative Organization

1. Individual Manufacturers

Manufacturers that register as an individual manufacturer have a collection requirement (“minimum collection share”) that is a percentage of the average of the CEE weight sold in the District in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The information specified in this form can also be submitted online at

2. Partnerships

A partnership is responsible for meeting the total of the minimum collection share of each individual manufacturer in the partnership.

A complete partnership application includes a Part 1 form submitted by the partnership lead and a Part 2 form submitted for each manufacturer in the partnership. The information in these forms can also be submitted online at

If your company has questions about how to register in a partnership for the 2023 program year, email [email protected] to receive contact information for the partnerships currently registered for 2023.

3. Representative Organizations

A representative organization has a convenience requirement, instead of a collection requirement. This means a representative organization is responsible for establishing a convenient and equitable collection system for CEE, with at least one permanent publicly accessible collection site in each of the District’s eight wards. If no feasible permanent location exists in a ward, a representative organization must hold quarterly collection events in the ward (for a minimum of four hours each).

A complete representative organization application includes a Part 1 form submitted by the representative organization lead and a Part 2 form submitted by the lead on behalf of each manufacturer in the representative organization. The information in these forms can also be submitted online at


DOEE published a rulemaking establishing Electronics Stewardship Program Infractions on May 17, 2019. DOEE may assess fines for these infractions. DOEE may also take court action to enforce compliance with electronic stewardship requirements.

Visit the eCYCLE DC Resource page for a complete list of resources and documents for the eCYCLE DC program.

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