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VCP Cleanup Sites

The following is a listing of active and completed VCP cleanup sites:

Active VCP Cleanup Sites

Property Address:  
5119,5127,5129,5131 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave, NE & 612 Division Ave, NE   Profile
1719 T St. NW   Profile
2009 8th St. NW   Profile
1309 - 1329 5th St. NW   Profile
2009 8th Street NW   Profile
1341 4th Street, NE   Profile
309-311 Pennsylvania Ave, SE   Profile
10 Q St. NW   Profile
1333 M St. SE   Profile
1250 First Street, NE   Profile
50 Paterson Street, NE   Profile
51 N Street NE   Profile
300 Morse Street NE   Profile
1300 4th Street NE   Profile
1300 H St. NE   Profile
4001-4031 South Capitol St SW   Profile
713 Lamont St/ Morton St/Georgia Ave   Profile
1341 H Street, NE   Profile
3418 4th St., SE   Profile
1050 21st Street, NW   Profile
2800 Sherman Ave, NW   Profile
455 Eye Street, NW   Profile
2626 Naylor Road, SE   Profile
1769-1771 Columbia Road   Profile
1711 Florida Avenue, NW   Profile
100 Potomac Ave SW - Soccer Stadium   Profile
82 Eye Street, SE   Profile
44-88 M Street, NE   Profile
1837 7th Street, NW   Profile
33 Patterson Street, NE, 16-22 M Street NE   Profile
2600 Connecticut Ave, NW   Profile
1500 Miss. Ave. SE    Profile
1101 Vt. Ave. NW   Profile
2149 Queens Chapel, NW      Profile
413 Kennedy St. NW   Profile
82 I St. SE   Profile
23 I St. SE   Profile
1850 New York Ave, NE   Profile
3500-3518 Connecticut Ave, NW   Profile
2100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW   Profile

Completed VCP Cleanup Sites

Property Address:
450 K Street, NW Project Completion Documents
3306-3440 Wisconsin Ave, NW Project Completion Documents
1818 14th St. NW Project Completion Documents
1755 Columbia Road, NW Project Completion Documents
2400 14th Street, NW Project Completion Documents
4900 Puerto Rico Ave. NE Project Completion Documents
360 H Street, NE Project Completion Documents
13th. & M Street NW Project Completion Documents
1500 Miss. Ave SE  Project Completion Documents
300 Hamilton St. NE  Project Completion Documents
100 Eye St. SE  Project Completion Documents
1500 S. Capitol St.
2215 Constitution Avenue, NW  
4510 - 4528 Benning Rd. SE
7035 Blair Rd. NW


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