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Lead-Safe and Healthy Homes

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Understanding the District’s Lead Laws

What We Do and How We Do It

The Lead and Healthy Housing Division consists of 2 branches.  One branch contains the District’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) and is also developing the District’s Healthy Homes Program.  The other branch is responsible for compliance with the District’s lead laws and for enforcement of those laws, and also handles lead abatement permitting, lead training provider accreditation, and the certification of lead professionals.

The CLPPP has several principal duties:  it is responsible for the processing of all blood lead test results for children under six years of age who live in the District, for the maintenance of the District’s secure electronic database holding these results, and for the analysis of blood lead test results; and CLPPP staff provide professional case management services, working closely with families that include a child with an elevated blood lead level, and perform outreach work to prevent lead exposure in high-risk communities.

The Division’s compliance and enforcement branch works daily to ensure property owners and those working on older homes in the District are in compliance with the District’s lead laws. Enforcement staff respond to complaints about peeling paint and about unsafe work practices involving pre-1978 properties. They also follow up on cases involving lead poisoned children, making sure the homes that they live in are lead safe.

The Division’s Lead-Based Paint Accreditation, Certification and Permitting Program staff are responsible for:

  • Reviewing and processing lead abatement permit applications;
  • Reviewing and processing applications from training providers who wish to become accredited in the District to teach courses lead professionals need to take; and
  • Reviewing and processing applications from lead professionals who wish to become certified to work in the District of Columbia.

Professional Certification for Lead-Based Paint Activities Application - Apply Online for Individual or Business Entity Certifications!

The Division has recently developed the District’s first program dedicated to the creation and maintenance of Healthy Homes. Staff involved in this program are now visiting homes identified as potentially containing a variety of different environmental hazards, many of which may be asthma triggers. Coordination is then occurring between DOEE and other District agencies, to reduce or eliminate those environmental health threats. DOEE’s Healthy Homes Program has helped many District families eliminate indoor asthma triggers in their homes. View a testimonial from a District resident. The District's Lead-Safe and Healthy Homes Hub is designed to provide some basic information on the different types of environmental hazards one can find in a home and some helpful details on how to reduce the risk of exposure to them.

Questions? Submit your questions through the Lead Questionnaire Form.

For more information about the CLPPP or the Healthy Homes Program, call (202) 535-2624.
For more information about compliance or enforcement, call (202) 535-1934.
For more information about permitting, accreditation or certification, call (202) 478-2441.