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Lead in the District - Tenants & Property Owners

Do you have concerns about peeling paint in a rental property built before 1978 or unsafe work practices? If so, submit a complaint to DOEE.

The following documents will help you understand the District’s lead laws.

Property Owners
The following documents will help you understand the District’s lead laws.

Who can I hire?
The following list consists of the individuals and business entities certified by DOEE to conduct lead-based paint activities in the District of Columbia. DOEE does not endorse or refer companies or individuals. Their presence on this list does not represent a statement about the quality of their work or customer service.

If you are looking for someone who is trained in lead-safe work practices and able to perform non-abatement activities such as “interim controls,” the EPA provides a list of DC-based certified firms that may be able to meet your needs.  If you choose to hire one of these firms to conduct non-abatement activities involving the elimination of lead-based paint hazards in your home or child-occupied facility, please be aware that the person doing the work must have documentation that they were trained in lead-safe work practices, such as documentation proving their Certified Renovator status. Also, please remember that such documentation is not enough to qualify these individuals to conduct abatement activities. Only DOEE-certified abatement personnel are qualified and eligible to conduct lead abatement activities in the District of Columbia. Read More>>

What can I do about it?

  • Use a filter to remove lead from water you use for drinking or cooking.
  • Use lead-safe work practices [PDF] (English and Español) when disturbing paint during home repair or maintenance.
  • Get your soil tested if you have a home vegetable garden.
  • Dispose of old electronics properly (Department of Public Works).

Questions? Submit your questions through the Lead Questionnaire Form.

For more information about the District's lead programs, call (202) 535-2624.
For more information about compliance or enforcement, call (202) 535-1934.
For more information about permitting and lead-based paint activity notifications, call 202-654-6003.
For more information about training provider accreditation or individual/business certification, call (202) 535-2637.

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