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Stormwater Management Rule and Guidebook

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Large development projects in the District of Columbia must manage stormwater runoff post-construction, which can be achieved through a combination of on-site and off-site Best Management Practices (BMP) such as green roofs, rain gardens, cisterns, and permeable pavement. For full details about compliance requirements, refer to:

The District’s Stormwater Management Regulations can also be found in Chapter 5 of Title 21 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations.

Recent Regulatory Changes

DOEE finalized amendments to the District’s Stormwater Management Regulations on January 31, 2020. For additional information about these amendments, and for additional information about previous versions of the regulations, refer to DOEE’s summary of the process for updating the Stormwater Management Regulations.

Training Sessions

DOEE holds free training sessions on the requirements of the Stormwater Management Regulations and the Stormwater Management Guidebook, including how to submit information in DOEE’s Surface and Groundwater System (SGS).

If you have questions about the training schedule or availability, please contact the SGS help desk at [email protected] or call (202) 807-8526.

Notification List

To be added to a notification list for news related to the Stormwater Management Regulations and SWMG, please email [email protected] or call (202) 807-8526.


If you have questions on the Stormwater Rule, please contact [email protected] or (202) 671-5004.