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Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge - Nonprofit Relief Program

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DOEE is implementing a program to provide financial relief to eligible nonprofit organizations facing hardship with the payment of their Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge (CRIAC). The CRIAC Nonprofit Relief Program provides relief to eligible nonprofits, significantly reducing their CRIAC. The relief percentage available through the program is subject to change and the relief awarded to a property may be amended during the program year.

The FY24 program application period will be available starting September 1, 2023 and will remain open until August 31, 2024.

To qualify, your organization must meet all three criteria:

  1. Be a nonprofit in the District of Columbia with a real property or possessory interest tax exemption as a local charitable organization, a cemetery, a religious house of worship; or a continuing care facility (as determined by the District’s Office of Tax and Revenue).
  2. Demonstrate financial hardship in paying the CRIAC. Organizations must demonstrate that their annual CRIAC is 1% or greater than their annual revenue, after expenses. Applicants must submit their IRS form 990 or provide information consistent with the filing requirements of an IRS form 990, as applicable.
  3. Complete a stormwater mitigation project to help diminish the harmful effects of stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure on their property or elsewhere in the District.

Program Application 

Applications for the FY24 relief program are now available. Apply Online>>
CRIAC Nonprofit Relief Program Application (.pdf, also attached below)

Rate Relief for An Average Sized Nonprofit for Fiscal Year 2024

For an eligible nonprofit organization with 10 Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs), an example of the FY24 relief provided using offsite mitigation versus onsite mitigation is displayed below:

Mitigation Option Annual CRIAC Bill Annual CRIAC Relief Offsite Mitigation Cost Cost of GI Construction Net %
Offsite Mitigation $2,623.20 $2,098,56 $141 N/A


On site Green Infrastructure(GI) $2,623.20 $2,098,56 N/A $550


  • CRIAC rate for a property which is billed for 10 ERUs at the FY24 CRIAC rate of $21.86/ERU (effective 10/1/2023)
  • Y24 CRIAC relief rate of 80%
  • Amount paid by property owner after receiving a rebate for rain garden installation through the RiverSmart Rebate Program

Stormwater Mitigation Requirements

To meet the mitigation requirements on their property, applicants must:

  1. Plant one tree per ERU (1,000 square feet of impervious surface), or
  2. Manage the stormwater runoff from 10% of the impervious area on the property through the installation of green infrastructure.

To meet the mitigation requirement elsewhere in the District, applicants must:

  1. Choose to have a portion of their approved relief withheld (equal to the market value of 10 Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) per ERU) to fund green infrastructure installation elsewhere in the District, or
  2. Purchase and retire 10 SRCs per ERU.

The following pages provide additional information on programs that can help with installing eligible green infrastructure on your property:

For more information, please contact [email protected] or (202) 844-5880.

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