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Stormwater Retention Credit Eligibility and Certification Process

To generate Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs), you must meet the following eligibility requirements and complete the SRC certification process:

  • Reduce runoff by installing green infrastructure (GI) or by removing impervious surfaces on a site that does not trigger the District of Columbia’s Stormwater Management Regulations (you can also generate SRCs by installing GI in excess of the regulatory requirement).
    • You must obtain DOEE approval of a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) for the GI or impervious surface removal.
    • Projects must be located in the District.
    • Projects that are already installed may be eligible to generate SRCs if they were installed after May 1, 2009, provided that the initial application for SRC certification is submitted by July 31, 2020.
    • Effective August 1, 2020, you must apply for SRCs within 3 years of project completion. Following the initial year(s) of SRC certification, you may not lapse in certification for more than 6 months or you will lose your SRC eligibility.
  • Pass DOEE’s construction and maintenance inspections.
  • Provide a maintenance contract or plan for the period of SRC certification.

Each SRC represents 1 gallon of GI retention capacity for 1 year (limitations apply for DOEE-funded projects). DOEE will certify up to 3 years’ worth of SRCs at one time. For example, a site with 1,000 gallons of SRC eligibility may receive 3,000 SRCs every 3 years. DOEE can also certify SRCs in 1-year and 2-year increments. For more information about SRC eligibility, refer to Chapter 7 of the Stormwater Management Guidebook.

Follow the below steps to generate SRCs. Applications are submitted through the DOEE Surface and Groundwater System.


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