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Underground Storage Tanks - Services

Certified Contractors and Testers

Contractors wishing to provide services to tank owners in the District of Columbia must meet the provisions of Chapter 65 of Title 20 DCMR. Any business that provides services such as UST system installation, upgrade, retrofit, repair, permanent closure shall be certified to perform UST activities in the District of Columbia. All contractors on this list have met the requirements of Chapter 65.

The UST and LUST ACCESS Systems

The UST and LUST ACCESS system was designed by the UST Division to house information needed for state reporting requirements that are unobtainable in the EPA UST ACCESS system.

Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility is required insurance to satisfy the regulation requirements of Federal Regulators and DC Regulators. This is a requirement for owners and operators. The insurance is needed for the cleanup of petroleum tanks' release into the soil and groundwater. 


The EPA UST ACCESS system was designed by EPA and stores specific queries that are needed for EPA's reporting requirements. 

National Annual UST Registry

All owners and/or operators of UST systems in the District of Columbia are required by Chapter 56 of Title 20 of the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR) to register all new and/or existing active tanks annually. The following list is updated monthly of facilities with active tanks and current tank registration certification with the District's UST Division. A copy of the registration certificate shall be maintained at the facility at all times. No owner or operator is to dispense or permit dispensing of a regulated substance from an UST unless it has satisfied the registration requirements of Chapter 65. No person is to deposit a regulated substance into an UST unless a current registration certificate is present and the facility is listed on the current monthly registration list. 

DDOE will only send a single invoice to facilities to remind them of the registration cost and deadline. Failure to register will result in issuance of a notice of infraction and delivery prohibition (fine and penalty). Not receiving an invoice will not excuse a facility's failure to register.

UST Inspections, Fees and Fines

The Underground Storage Tanks Branch registers tanks, conducts inspection, collects fees, and levies fines for:

  • installation
  • upgrade 
  • repair 
  • abandonment 
  • removal 
  • tank testing 
  • remediation systems
  • assessment activity 
  • corrective action 
  • excavation pits 
  • soil boring locations 
  • monitoring well locations 
  • sampling activity 
  • disposal feasibility
  • Fine and Fee Structure for Services Rendered

Review and Approval

The Underground Storage Tanks Branch reviews and approves:

  • design plans 
  • installation plans
  • upgrade plans 
  • free product removal plan 
  • Corrective Action Plans (CAP)
  • no further action plans 
  • Comprehensive Site Assessments (CSA) 
  • remedial systems  
  • remedial plans 
  • UST closure reports

Other Services

  • Administers the Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Program 
  • Administers the Voluntary Remediation Action Program (VRAP) 
  • Certifies technicians, closure specialists (assessment and remediation), and system testers 
  • Certifies third-party service providers  
  • Performs Environmental Impact Statement Review (EIS) 
  • Implements UST Regulations 
  • Assumes lender liability
  • Licenses and certifies UST businesses 
  • Processes permits 
  • Provides education and outreach 
  • Provides emergency response due to LUST 
  • Provides letters of permanent and temporary tank closure 
  • Supplies information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
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