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Energy Administration

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Nicholas Burger, Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Energy Administration (EA) is a single resource for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, products and services for residential, commercial, institutional, and government sectors in the District of Columbia. The EA develops energy-related policies and plans, and coordinates and facilitates the overall effort of the District Government to achieve reliable, clean and affordable energy. The EA is comprised of two divisions: Policy & Compliance and Data & Benchmarking.

Policy & Compliance Division (PCD)

Thomas Bartholomew, Associate Director
(202) 313-2186  |  [email protected]

The Policy and Compliance Division ensures compliance with the provisions of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016, as well as other District and federal mandates. PCD also develops and recommends energy policies, provides advice on current or future utility rate cases, coordinates the implementation of the District’s Clean Energy DC Plan, and drafts the District’s Energy Assurance Plan. PCD has one Branch:

Renewable Energy & Clean Transportation Branch (RECT) administers the Solar for All Program, which aims to increase the amount of solar generated within the District, providing the benefits of locally-generated solar energy to low- to moderate- income households. RECT also works on transportation electrification initiatives and recommends options for electric vehicle adoption.

Data & Benchmarking Division (DBD)

David Epley, Associate Director
(202) 499-2012  |  [email protected]

The Data & Benchmarking Division ensures compliance with the provisions of the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008, including administering the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) contract. DBD conducts research and analysis of energy data, and conducts evaluation, measurement, and verification of various energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. DBD is also responsible for conducting a wide range of assessment studies and other activities, and recommending practical implementation strategies to help meet the District’s energy and climate goals. DBD is comprised of one Branch:

Building Performance and Enforcement Branch (BPEB) oversees the District’s landmark programs focused on measuring and reducing the energy consumption of the building sector, including energy benchmarking for private and public buildings, and the Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) to drive energy performance in existing buildings.