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Natural Resources Administration

Natural Resources Administration

Hamid Karimi, PhD., Deputy Director
Telephone: (202) 535-2277
Fax: (202 )535-1364

The Natural Resources Administration’s (NRA) core function is to conserve, protect, and improve the soil, water, and living resources of the District of Columbia, and to protect its aquatic resources from pollution and degradation. NRA achieves its objectives by using a combination of federal and District authorities, such as: strategic planning; setting and enforcing water quality standards; and monitoring and assessing the quality of the aquatic and wildlife resources. The NRA is comprised of four divisions:

Fisheries & Wildlife Division (FWD)

Bryan King, Associate Director
Telephone: (202) 997-9607

The Fisheries and Wildlife Division (FWD) develops, supports and implements programs for urban fish and wildlife conservation, protection, recreation, and sustainability. FWD achieves its objectives by employing innovative and traditional scientific methods to obtain the best natural resource data available, and by elevating environmental awareness and stewardship through education, outreach and community involvement. FWD has two branches:

The Fisheries Management Branch conducts annual surveys and studies of migratory and resident fish in the District waterways.
The Wildlife Management Branch conserves wildlife resources for the health and enjoyment of District residents.

Water Quality Division (WQD)

Collin Burell, Associate Director
Telephone: (202) 535-2255

The Water Quality Division (WQD) restores and protects the surface and ground waters of the District through: setting and enforcing water quality standards; monitoring and assessing the quality of the waters and aquatic resources; and developing and implementing policies to protect and restore the water quality and aquatic resources. WQD has two branches:
The Permitting and Enforcement Branch certifies federal water-quality permits.
The Monitoring and Assessment Branch collects water quality data and analyzes fish and vegetation.

Watershed Protection Division (WPD)

Sheila Besse, Associate Director
Telephone: (202) 535-2244

The Watershed Protection Division (WPD) conserves the soil and water resources of the District and protects its watersheds from nonpoint source pollution. The WPD has three branches:

The Technical Services Branch reviews plans and assists developers and the public on water issues.
The Inspection and Enforcement Branch monitors existing sites and construction projects for compliance with laws and regulations.
The Planning and Restoration Branch educates the public on watershed protection and coordinates with regional partners on Chesapeake Bay and Anacostia River issues.

Storm Water Management Division

Jeffrey Seltzer, Stormwater Administrator
Telephone: (202) 535.1603

The Storm Water Management Division (SWMD) administers the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit issued to three district agencies (DDOT, DPW and DOEE) and WASA by the US EPA under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and oversees their activities to ensure that permit compliance activities are prioritized, budgeted and implemented.