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Operations Services Administration

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Jean Mitchell, Deputy Director
(202) 535-1904  |  [email protected]

The Operations Services Administration (OSA) manages the day-to-day administration and operations of DOEE. OSA provides operational support to improve DOEE’s internal processes, systems, and infrastructure. This administration is responsible for overseeing budgeting, financial and grants management; contracting and procurement; property and fleet management; customer service; information technology; official training and travel; and telecommunications functions for the agency. Through the development and implementation of administrative policies, procedures, and processes, OSA seeks continuous improvement of agency operations. OSA encompasses the following divisions:

Support Services Division

Talisha Pitt, Associate Director
202-535-2305  |  [email protected]

The Support Services Division plans, develops, manages, and coordinates the basic administrative functions within DOEE. The Division achieves its objectives by managing procurement, operations, customer and constituent services, fleet, records management and retention, and mail services to the agency. Through the delivery of support services, DOEE provides consistent and reliable customer service to both internal and external stakeholders.

Information Technology Division

Brian Robinson, Chief Information Officer
(202) 535-1993  |  [email protected]

The Information Technology Division manages the agency’s information and technology systems and infrastructure, including its automated processes, telecommunications systems, networks, IT asset management, and technical supports; develops short and long-term planning for information technology initiatives; develops policies and procedures for electronic data management; ensures that resources are available for automation; and provides expert consultation to agency personnel. The IT team works closely with internal and external stakeholders to design, develop, and implement application systems to support each program’s unique needs regarding data collection, storage, analysis, and sharing.

Grants Management Division

Zita Rostas, Associate Director
(202) 442-7953  |  [email protected]

The Grants Management Division oversees the agency’s grants management efforts. The Division develops and maintains grants policies and procedures for the agency and provides training opportunities for employees managing grants and all grants-related programs. The Division works in partnership with agency grant managers on pre- and post-award administration, including evaluation of applications for administrative and technical content, compliance with statutes, and providing consultation and technical assistance to grantees. The Grants Management Division also conducts trainings for prospective grant applicants, which are open to the public.