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Lead in the District - Regulated Community

Certification, Accreditation, and Training for
Businesses, Contractors, & Property Owners (Regulated Community)

For Businesses

Businesses must become certified by DOEE prior to engaging in lead-based paint activities in dwelling units and child-occupied facilities constructed prior to 1978, such as abatement projects, risk assessments, and renovations. Many projects also require obtaining a permit from DOEE. Businesses that provide training in lead-based paint activities must be accredited by DOEE.

Permits and Projects

Certification and Business Entities 

Accreditation and Training Providers

For Individuals

Before an individual may perform a lead-based paint activity, clearance examination, or renovation in a dwelling unit or child-occupied facility built before 1978, an individual shall obtain the appropriate certification from DOEE.

Certification for Individuals

For Property Managers and Property Owners

Property Managers and Owners must comply with the District’s lead laws. District law prohibits the presence of lead-based hazards in residential dwellings and child-occupied facilities. It is the obligation of the property owner to maintain their properties free from hazards, and to disclose knowledge of lead-based paint and lead hazards to their tenants and prospective buyers. All paint in dwellings and child-occupied facilities constructed prior to 1978 is presumed to be lead-based, unless tested and found to be lead-free by a lead-based paint inspector or lead risk assessor, and all lead-based paint and presumed lead-based paint that is deteriorated, chipping, peeling or otherwise not in tact is considered a hazard.

  • Issue a completed DC Lead Disclosure form to tenant prior to obligation under a lease or a buyer prior to obligation under a contract.
  • Issue a completed DC Tenant Rights form to tenant before a tenant executes or renews a lease and whenever the owner provides notice of rent increase. 
  • Issue a completed Property Access form to tenant at least 48 hours prior to work under the District’s lead law. 
  • Business Entities are required to submit a completed Notice of Dust Sampling form to DOEE prior to performing dust testing. 
  • Issue a clearance examination report no older than 12 months to a tenant when a child under age 6 or a pregnant woman lives at or regularly visits your property [See definition of regularly visits in the regulations]. 
  • Issue a completed Clearance Examination Receipt Acknowledgement to tenant along with a clearance examination report. 
  • Issue a completed Tenant Right to Return Post Relocation to tenant post relocation. 
  • Failure to comply with the District’s lead laws has financial penalties, see the Schedule of Fines.

Need help adhering to documents issued by DOEE?

DOEE issues letters, Notices, Orders and other official documents to owners. Review them and supporting documents carefully.

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