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Watershed Protection Planning and Restoration

The mission of the Planning and Restoration Branch of the Watershed Protection Division is to conserve the soil and water resources of the District and to protect its watersheds from pollution through education and outreach, stream and habitat restoration, innovative stormwater management and watershed planning. The Branch manages both the District’s Chesapeake Bay and Nonpoint Source Management implementation grants from the EPA.

The primary functions of the Branch are:

Education & Community Outreach Program

Photo of people planting potted plants

This program encourages pollution prevention by carrying out effective information and education activities and increasing stakeholder awareness and involvement in the clean-up efforts in the Anacostia River, Chesapeake Bay, and other neighborhood watersheds. Some ongoing education and outreach efforts include:

Photo of a tour boatStream & Habitat Restoration Program

This program works to protect and restore river, stream and wetland habitats in the District and the Chesapeake Bay so as to increase a watershed’s ecological diversity and protect the health, welfare, and safety of its inhabitants. Read More>>

Innovative Stormwater Management Program

This program actively reduces pollution to our local waterways through funding new and pioneering ways to reduce stormwater pollution and through administering DOEE’s RiverSmart programs that provide incentives to property owners to take action to reduce stormwater pollution on their properties.

  • RiverSmart Homes: The RiverSmart Homes program offers incentives to homeowners interested in reducing stormwater pollution from their properties.
  • RiverSmart Rooftops: The RiverSmart Rooftops program provides a cost share rebate to property owners installing green roofs on their buildings.
  • RiverSmart Schools: The RiverSmart Schools program offers schools both teacher training and assistance with installing outdoor classrooms that help reduce stormwater runoff.
  • RiverSmart Communities: The RiverSmart Communities program is an extension of the RiverSmart Homes program to multi-family residences such as condominiums, co-ops apartments, and houses of worship.
  • RiverSmart Rebates: In addition to RiverSmart Homes, there are a series of rebates for trees, rain barrels, rain gardens, and impervious surface removal. 

Innovative Stormwater Retrofits

DOEE implements and oversees the design and construction of innovative low impact development (LID) stormwater retrofits projects around the District. Learn more about these projects >>

Stream Restoration Projects

Watershed ArialWatershed Planning Program

This program works to develop and implement plans for restoring the water quality of our local waterways. These documents are the District’s guide to creating fishable and swimmable rivers. The plans are living documents that periodically revisited and updated.