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Report UST Facilities and Activities

Report UST Facilities

UST Facility Notification Form [PDF] must be completed and submitted to DDOE within 30 days of a new UST system coming into use at a facility and must be updated within 30 days after closure, removal, abandonment, or any other changes regarding the UST System (i.e., changes to the number or type of tanks or piping, the product stored, owner's name and address and other details necessary for registration, operational compliance, and monitoring.

Report UST Activities

The UST Activity Notification Form [PDF] must be completed and submitted to DDOE to notify DDOE of all activities, such as installation, testing, and repair of USTs. This form is required for DCRA permit purposes and to schedule an inspection with DDOE before and after any work is conducted on the UST System (i.e., system removal, closure-in-place, upgrade, repair, new installation, etc.) You are required to submit this form to DDOE at least 5 days prior to the scheduled date of activity. You must also call DDOE at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled date of activity to make an appointment for a DDOE inspector to be present during the tank activity, and to perform an inspection immediately following the activity for enforcement purposes.

Report UST Confirmed Releases/Suspected Releases  [DOC]

In accordance with 20 DCMR Chapter 6202, any owner, operator, responsible party, authorized agent or contractor who knows of or has reason to suspect a release from a UST shall inform the owner or operator IMMEDIATELY and shall notify the DDOE Director (UST Branch) within 24 hours. The responsible party shall immediately contain and clean a spill or overfill less than 25 gallons and immediately begin corrective action if the release is more than 25 gallons or causes a sheen on surface water.

Report petroleum contaminated soil hauled from a UST Site [DOC]

Soils above Tier 0 standards should not be transferred off-site from one DC location to another, but can be sent for treatment and disposal anywhere in the US.

Temporary Closure Notification/Application Form

Please use this form to submit your requests/notifications for temporary closure of USTs. DDOE may approve temporary closure for 12 months, after which time the tank should be permanently closed, unless an extension is issued by the UST Program. See 20 DCMR Chapter 61 for Closure of UST Systems.