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Residential Green Incentives

Green Incentives
DOEE offers multiple ways to green your home and make your property more sustainable. We can help you save money and improve the environment.   

Energy Smart EnergySmart Incentives

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: Energy bill assistance for income-qualified residents. Read More>>
  • Affordable Solar Program: Free solar panel systems for income-qualified tenants and homeowners. Read More>>
  • Weatherization Assistance Program: Get help weatherizing your home and save money on your energy bills. Read More>>
  • Buy Green Power: Get your electricity from sources like wind and solar. Read More>>
  • Sustainable Energy Utility: From energy-efficient lighting and appliances to home energy audits and retrofits—financial incentives and rebates are available. Read More>>
  • NREL's PVWatts Calculator - Free estimate of rooftop solar potential for your home. Read More>>

RiverSmart RiverSmart Incentives

  • RiverSmart Homes Program: Improve your property with rain gardens, trees, rain barrels, and more. Read More>>

  • RiverSmart Rebates: Get money back when you install trees, rain gardens, rain barrels, or remove impervious surfaces from your property. Read More>>

  • RiverSmart Rewards Stormwater Fee Discounts: Lower your water bill by making your property RiverSmart. Read More>>

Healthy Home Home Health Incentives

  • Healthy Homes: Lead, mold, and mildew help for qualifying residents. Read More>>

  • Home Radon Testing: Receive a free radon test kit. Read More>>

Sustainability Sustainability Incentives

  • Sustainable DC: See how the things you do to save money and improve your health can help make DC healthier and greener too. Read More>>

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