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Land Remediation and Development

Remediation and Site Response Program - This group directs, performs, and assists with investigations and cleanups of contaminated District land.

  • Cleanup Sitesland remediation pic.jpg
    - Anacostia River              - CSXT Benning Yard         
    - Kenilworth Landfill        - DC United Soccer Stadium
    - Poplar Point                    - Washington Gas- East Station 
    - Riggs Park                       - Pepco Benning Road    
    - Washington Gas - West Station
  • Department of Defense Cleanup Sites
    As the nation’s Capitol, environmental investigation and restoration activities are routinely conducted at Department of Defense (DOD) installations in the District each year.  By law, these activities must be conducted in compliance with all applicable District and federal laws and regulations. The Defense and State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA) program was established in 1986 to facilitate coordination between DOD and States, Territories, and the District of Columbia at potentially contaminated DOD sites. As a part of the DSMOA program the District obtains reimbursement for oversight activities including document review, site visits, public participation support, explanation of applicable, relevant and appropriate requirements, and other technical components. Participation in the DSMOA program allows DOEE to maintain oversight of environmental restoration efforts undertaken by DOD and its consultants and ensure that DOD are conducting their work in accordance with established DC requirements.

    - Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling    - Spring Valley    - Washington Navy Yard
  • Anacostia River 2032 Update - An interactive map with an overview of District cleanup sites.

Brownfield Redevelopment and Voluntary Cleanup Program - A brownfield is a property where expansion or development is complicated by the presence of hazardous substances or contamination. These brownfield sites are addressed under the District’s Brownfield Program and the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), both of which incentivize and oversee assessment and cleanup of these sites. The Brownfield Program emphasizes cleanup of properties where redevelopment may be hindered by limited development interest and for properties where environmental justice concerns are paramount. Under the Brownfield Program, DOEE assists eligible non-profit entities in the application process for numerous grants offered by the EPA for site assessment and cleanup. These Brownfield grants will offer considerably larger awards through FY2026 thanks to the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021. Privately held entities are encouraged to address brownfield properties under the VCP, which offers a streamlined path to site cleanup and substantial liability protection upon successful completion of a project.

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