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SRC Aggregator Startup Grants

You can build a Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC)-generating business to make money with green infrastructure (GI) projects. Through the SRC Aggregator Startup Grant Program, the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) is providing funds to support SRC-generating businesses as they evaluate sites for the feasibility of GI retrofits. Grant funds can be used to support technical and outreach work to identify and aggregate SRCs from GI projects in the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), typically across multiple sites. Through the technical and outreach work funded by an SRC Aggregator Startup Grant, you can identify a pool of projects that will be good candidates to generate SRCs and to participate in the SRC Price Lock Program.

Grants are only available for projects where important aspects of GI siting, retrofit feasibility, and/or cost effectiveness are not currently known. DOEE expects that projects that evaluate numerous opportunities on multiple sites will be more cost-effective. However, projects may include evaluation of sites within a single large property, such as institutional campuses or other large properties.

DOEE expects that the SRC Aggregator Startup Grant Program will make it easier to generate SRCs on land owned by non-profits, such as churches, cemeteries, schools, and similar institutions. DOEE will prioritize funding for these projects.

Application Process 

DOEE is not currently accepting applications for the SRC Aggregator Startup Grant program. DOEE will reopen the application if additional funds are available. If additional funds become available, please refer to the eligibility requirements and steps for participation in the program guide below.



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