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Off-Site SRC Compliance Can be Cheaper, Easier, and Greener

Large development projects must install runoff-reducing green infrastructure if they trigger the District of Columbia’s stormwater management regulations. This requirement, called the Stormwater Retention Volume (SWRv), is calculated by determining the volume of stormwater runoff generated from the regulated site.

You have flexibility in how you comply with your project’s SWRv. You can install green infrastructure on-site, or as an alternative, you can buy Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) to pay someone else to install green infrastructure elsewhere. Purchasing SRCs can reduce your construction, design, and maintenance costs while freeing up space for amenities like parking and rooftop patios. Plus, purchasing and using SRCs labeled "high-impact" is the best option for the District’s rivers because it gets green infrastructure installed where it’s most needed.

Some Sites are Eligible to use SRCs for 100% of their Stormwater Retention Requirement

Projects located in an area that drains to combined sewer system storage tunnels can use SRCs to achieve 100% of their SWRv off-site, meaning you could develop your project without needing to build or maintain any green infrastructure on your property. Look up your address to see if you qualify for 100% flexibility! All other sites may use SRCs to meet up to 50% of their SWRv off-site.

Use SRCs to:

  • Free up space for revenue-generating amenities such as rooftop patios or underground parking.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of design, permitting, and construction.
  • Reduce or eliminate green infrastructure maintenance.
  • Support construction of green infrastructure in areas that maximize environmental improvements.

Off-site compliance resources:

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