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Toxic Substances

In protecting residents from toxic substances, DOEE focuses its efforts on the identification, management, and disposal of hazardous waste, registering and applying pesticides, installing and safely removing underground storage tanks, and restoring contaminated land.

Hazardous Waste Symbol Graphic

Hazardous Waste - The program oversees private and public entities to ensure the proper management of hazardous waste from the moment it is generated until it’s ultimate disposal or destruction.

Photo of yard with Pesticide Warning Sign

Pesticides - In protecting residents from pesticides while recognizing their benefits, this program registers pesticide products and certifies pesticide applicators.

Photo of underground storage tanksUnderground Storage Tanks - This program oversees installation, maintenance, and removal of underground storage tanks containing petroleum and petroleum-related products.

Photo of chemicals running off into storm drain

Land Remediation and Development - DOEE restores and oversees the restoration of land affected by hazardous substances.