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By promoting low impact development, green building, riverfront restoration, transit options and walkable neighborhoods, Washington DC is a leader in environmentally sensitive policies.

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The DOEE team promotes public and environmental health by implementing and enforcing District and Federal laws and regulations.

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Lead is a powerful neurotoxin. Exposure to lead can damage the brain, injure other soft tissues and organs, and interfere with the formation of blood.  Exposure to enough lead can even kill. 

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DOEE wants to ensure that District of Columbia residents are informed about issues concerning the lead safety of its drinking water. 

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Anyone engaged in eliminating lead-based paint hazards must abide by a set of work practices described in the new law and must at minimum be trained in lead-safe work practices. 

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Accreditation, certification and permitting protects humans and the environment.

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Branches of the Lead and Healthy Housing Division are responsible for ensuring lead poisoning prevention and professional accreditation, certification and permitting.

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Our city continues to work steadily toward a more sustainable DC and is leading other cities in the area of urban sustainability.

Would you like to

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Home Energy Audits

Frequently requested green services from recycling to rodents.

Pollinator Gardening

About Pollinator Gardening

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Certification applications are available for businesses and individual contractors who wish to provide UST services to DC.

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We work daily to protect the environment in which its people live, work and play.

You can pay In-Lieu Fee (ILF) to DOEE to satisfy your Off-Site Retention Volume (Offv). DOEE recommends that projects use Stormwater Retention Credits (SRCs) instead of paying ILF.

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Get information on how to obtain a Pesticide License in Washington DC.

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DDOE's pesticide program aims to protect human health and the environment from risks resulting from pesticide production, registration, distribution, use and disposal.

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Review the regulations for use of pesticides and the requirements for communicating with District citizens.

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Learn about DOEE's plans and commitments for environmental improvements throughout the Distric.