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Get RiverSmart!


DOEE’s RiverSmart programs help to reduce stormwater runoff that harms the District’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. RiverSmart programs provide financial incentives to help District property owners install green infrastructure such as rain barrels, green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavers, shade trees, and more. These practices allow rainwater to stay on site and soak into the ground, where natural processes help remove pollutants.

No matter how large or small your green infrastructure project is, there is a RiverSmart program for you. Some programs offer a site evaluation and up-front funding, while others provide a rebate or a discount. Read about the programs below to find out which one is right for you.

Explore DOEE’s many RiverSmart programs below.

Incentives to install green infrastructure:

  • RiverSmart Homes: for single-family residential properties - offers rain barrels, shade trees, rain gardens, bayscaping, permeable pavers and more.
  • RiverSmart Communities: for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and houses of worship
  • RiverSmart Schools: for schools—offers technical support, professional development, field trips to local rivers, community planting events, and assistance with installing outdoor classroomss
  • RiverSmart Rooftops: (also known as the Green Roof Rebate Program): for all properties that install green roofs
  • RiverSmart Rebates: for property owners who do not want to wait for a stormwater audit through RiverSmart Homes, want to hire their own contractor, or want to “do-it-yourself” (prior approval required)
    Trees: rebates up to $100 to individuals who purchase and plant trees on private residential or commercial property
    - Rain barrels: rebates of $2 per gallon for rain barrels, with a maximum rebate of $1,000
    - Rain Gardens: rebates of $3 per square foot of area treated by a rain garden, with a maximum rebate of $2,200
    - Permeable Surface: rebates of $10 per square foot of impervious surface removed and replaced with permeable pavers and $5 per square foot of impervious surface removed and replaced with vegetation

Financial benefits for installed green infrastructure:

  • RiverSmart Rewards: provides a discount of up to 55% off DOEE’s Stormwater Fee and up to 20% off DC Water’s Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge
  • Stormwater Retention Credit Trading Program: properties that manage stormwater voluntarily or above the regulatory requirement are eligible to sell Stormwater Retention Credits in an open market

RiverSmart Grants:


  • Effective Program Showcase: This webcast features DOEE’s RiverSmart Program and showcases how this District-wide incentive program is leading to cleaner waters, improved habitat and beautiful properties.

RiverSmart Educational Videos:

RiverSmart Homes from Mark Leisher Productions on Vimeo.

- Article: RiverSmart: Big Greenscaping for a Big City

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