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Information for property managers on the proper management of spent compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), fluorescent light bulbs, and batteries.

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DC PACE provides an attractive financing solution that will help District property owners implement energy efficiency improvements.


Winter weather brings its own set of environmental challenges to the District. As snow and ice accumulate it becomes contaminated with salt, litter, dirt, and other pollutants.

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District residents can obtain a free radon test kit to reduce prolonged exposure to harmful levels of radon in the home. 

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Learn the facts and get resources about how the presence of waste and hazardous materials in our environment has consequences that cut across a number of environmental issues. 

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Facts and resources for DC businesses about recycling waste and hazardous materials in the District.

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On average, Americans produce 4.6 pounds of waste each day or 1,679 pounds per year!   Learn to reduce waste and help the environment.

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DDOE regulations require, facilities generating Hazardous Waste, Universal Waste, or used oil must register for an EPA ID number.

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The Toxic Substances Division of the Environmental Services Administration oversees areas related to air quality, hazardous waste, lead, pesticides, and underground storage tanks.

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DOEE offers a variety of resources to DC businesses and residents, including data, maps, permit applications, grants and funding opportunties and careers.

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DOEE encourages all District businesses to incorporate sound environmental policies and practices in their daily operations. 

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DOEE works tirelessly to ensure that District residents have the resources they need to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in their day-to-day activities

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DOEE offers a series of rebates for homeowners to install their own trees, rain barrels, or rain gardens or remove impervious surfaces from their property.

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Obtain an NPDES discharge permit in order to discharge storm water from the separate storm sewer system in the District.

In 2014, the Council of the District of Columbia passed a law requiring commercial properties to keep their windows and doors closed when running the air conditioner. Enforcement begins April 1, 2018.

TIP LINE: Coming April 1, 2018

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Skip the Bag, Save the River

DC's "Bag Law" is intended to change consumer behavior by encouraging District residents to use reusable bags, thereby reducing bag pollution in waterways.

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The Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP) helps small businesses understand and comply with air quality regulations.